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• Back and forth conversation with the expert
• All answers in your email and your account
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How does it work

What is is a web platform for online consultations allowing you to get answers from experts on a variety of problems/conditions. The platform works as follows:

  1. Write your question.
  2. Fill-out the additional information depending on the selected problem category.
  3. Make the payment and receive the answer.

You can ask any of our experts listed here. If you chose no expert, will assign an expert automatically depending on the selected problem category. Start by writing your question here. You will receive an answer in less than 24 hours both in your email and by logging into the system (using a username and password). After receiving the the answer, you can ask the expert additional question regarding your problem. If the expert needs additional details regarding your problem, you will be notified by email.

Who are the experts?

All experts are highly educated and specialized in their area of activity, with a rich experience in their field. Their Curriculum Vitae are available at Our Experts.

Payment methods and what is the price of an online consultation?

Payment is made using a VISA card or MasterCard, using PayPal — the most popular and safest online payment service world-wide. This service guarantees the security and confidentiality of banking data. The price of an online answer including all the follow-up questions depends on the question category and the specialist’s expertise level.

Upon payment confirmation, your question is assigned to one of our specialists who will carefully look into your request.

Is my personal data confidential?

Your question and the answer our expert provides are accessible only to you and the expert who assisted you. The conversation between you and the expert is available in your account.

Why do I have to pay instead of posting the question on a Forum?

While acknowledging the service of public forums, service stands out against online forums by guaranteeing an answer to your question in less than 24 hours from an expert offering both experience and education to help you with qualified opinions.

Our Experts

  • helpmeoutDoc expert - Kevin Shore
    Kevin Shore
  • helpmeoutDoc expert - Dr. Kelly Brogan
    Dr. Kelly Brogan
  • helpmeoutDoc expert - Emma Olliff
    Emma Olliff
  • helpmeoutDoc expert - Dr. Simon Widdrington
    Dr. Simon Widdrington
  • helpmeoutDoc expert - Dr. Anna-Marie Herghelegiu
    Dr. Anna-Marie Herghelegiu
  • helpmeoutDoc expert - Dr. Dan Malciolu
    Dr. Dan Malciolu
  • helpmeoutDoc expert - Dr. Mihaela Buzea
    Dr. Mihaela Buzea
  • helpmeoutDoc expert - Dr. Alina Cosma
    Dr. Alina Cosma
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