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HelpMeOutDoc Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

The privacy of Website users is extremely important to us. Below is information on personal data uploaded at the time of the visit and when conducting a purchase on the site. Please note, that we never sell personal data or provide it to other entities.

2. Information safety and confidentiality

All personal information is collected in voluntary manner and is exclusively used in its entirety by the Website owner – HelpMeOutDoc. They are limited to bare necessities and only serve to identify the buyer as well as a correct course of the order realization process. This data contains information such as: name, surname, phone number and email (required for verification of the order and the address details of the customer). Personal information provided when making the order is used once for the order realization process and shipment. They are never provided to other, external companies. The customer can cancel the order at any time, in accordance with the Regulations on this page. In the event of a cancellation, personal information provided at the time of placing the order is not processed in any manner by the Website owner. Every customer has rights resulting from the Personal Information Protection Act.

3. Cooperation with Google

The site uses Google Analytics, a service analyzing viewership of websites made available by Google, Inc. (‘Google’). Google Analytics uses ‘cookies’ – text files placed on the user’s computer in order to enable the site to analyse the method in which it is used by users. Google may provide this information to third persons, only if it is bound to do so pursuant to law regulations.

4. Cookie files

We use cookie files to store information regarding Your personal preferences on our website. These files store: settings and suggestions for automatic completion of forms.

5. Contact regarding the privacy policy

We are happy to answer questions, which are not addressed by the above statements. Please send us your query using the ‘Contact’ tab on our website.

Use of the Website is unanimous with accepting the above mentioned regulations.