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News tag: surgery


Found! Eye-based stem cells may restore lost vision

12 Dec, 2014 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Our eyes contain potent stem cells capable of restoring lost eye sight, a new study claims. The findings were published in Science Translational Medicine. Researchers from prestigious University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, the newly discovered stem cells may have the capability of restoring vision in millions of people worldwide,…


Heart transplanted successfully long after it stopped beating

27 Oct, 2014 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Marking a world’s first, a “dead” heart was successfully transplanted into a patient. Doctors at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia performed the surgery thanks to a revolutionary preservation solution. Doctors at Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and St Vincent’s Hospital developed the solution that allows a donor heart to…


Simple test shows likelihood of recovering from soft tissue surgery

19 Oct, 2014 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Patients recovering from cancer surgery to remove soft tissue sarcomas now can use a simple test to determine how likely they will experience wound-healing complications, a new study found. As many as 35 percent of patients who undergo surgery to remove soft tissue sarcomas will experience wound-healing complications due to…


Smokers encouraged to cut the habit before surgery

15 Oct, 2014 | by Daniel Tomas | 0 comments
Likely, smokers will have to admit to it, and receive encouragement to quit before public hospital operations, a new research informs. The study, backed by State Government, found that mandatory disclosure of smoking eventually drove patients to give up tobacco. The plan devised by Department of Health could eventually require…


Mechanical device improves hand functionality after surgery

26 Sep, 2014 | by Daniel Tomas | 0 comments
A simple pulley improves hand functionality after surgery, engineers have successfully demonstrated. The device was tested in cadaver hands, and is the first device ever created to facilitate mechanical forces after being transferred inside the human body. This type of technology still needs refinements, but scientists are confident it will…


Super diamond nano threads revolutionize strong, light materials

22 Sep, 2014 | by Daniel Tomas | 0 comments
New “diamond nanothreads”, with unmatched strength and unrivaled stiffness, have just been announced in a research study. The discovery of the innovative process has been published over the weekend in Nature Materials journal. The new material will likely serve applications requiring unheard of stiff, durable, and light materials – surgery,…