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News tag: SSRIs


Depression’s connection to low serotonin level is a myth

22 Apr, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Currently, it is accepted that depression is caused by low levels of serotonin, and certain antidepressants raise its levels, but this could all be a myth, according to a psychiatry professor. Prof. David Healy, author of the book titled “Let Them Eat Prozac: The Unhealthy Relationship Between the Pharmaceutical Industry…


Depression during pregnancy linked to increased risk of childhood asthma

9 Mar, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
A mother experiencing depression during pregnancy or using an older antidepressant for her condition may increase the child’s risk of asthma, new research suggests. However, when more than 80 percent pregnant mothers with depression were prescribed a newer class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), the medication…