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News tag: parenting


Time with kids matter more in quality than quantity

31 Mar, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
American parents spend more time with children than any other parents in the world, but many feel guilty thinking it is not enough. This feeling is rooted in the belief that more time parents, especially mothers, spend with their children, more better off kids will turn out. New research however,…


When your kid faces anxiety issues

17 Nov, 2014 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
As you look back on your child’s early days, you remember the serene times, and occasionally memories pop-up of your kid feeling stressed similar to how you feel at the end of a tough day, when homework, exam, and conversations with friends affect their serenity. In her book, Freeing Your…


Cyberbullying leaves hurtful scars in children

5 Nov, 2014 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Medical practitioners (MPs) provide a sobering and soaring number of children referred to psychiatric offices resulting from social media pressures, especially cyberbullying. MPs have warned repeatedly that children find no refuge from cyberbullying, and an increasing number of children are being referred to a specialist’s office to seek physchiatric help.…