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News tag: diet


Don’t start a diet because it’s trendy! Here’s why.

30 Mar, 2015 | by Gabriel Rosoga | 0 comments
Balancing various areas of our life is increasingly difficult. Nutrition is no exception, as a trend of healthy nutrition frequently push us in opposite directions. What works for a person, does not work for the other. People talk about vegetarian or vegan diet, and contrast these against raw diet or…


High-salt diets may help against skin infections

5 Mar, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Contrary to traditional recommendations, high-salt diets may deflect infection as sodium accumulation in skin fight viruses, new research found. Scientists at Vanderbilt University in Germany conducted a study whose results go against traditional recommendations to avoid high-salt diet. In their study, researchers claim high-salt diet acts as a defender against…


Older athletes extend life expectancy with healthy eating

25 Feb, 2015 | by Gabriel Rosoga | 0 comments
For the average American, life expectancy is now longer than ever before and projected to keep growing. Advancements in medicine and a changing mentality, getting older doesn’t equate into turning sedentary. “Staying physically active and exercising regularly can produce long-term health benefits and even improve health for some older people…

weight loss

Scientists shows reasons weight loss is an uphill battle

25 Feb, 2015 | by Daniel Tomas | 1 comment
For those difficult to fulfill resolutions involving losing weight, there is now an official explanation why it is indeed so tough to lose the extra pounds. According to a study that reviewed previous published studies in the past decade examining the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity in children…


In weight-loss, diet and exercise are insufficient

16 Feb, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 1 comment
Most of America’s 79 million adults and 13 million children falling in the obese category have struggle to adhere to “eat less, move more” mantra, but researchers have discovered this lifestyle changes are doomed to fail. Four specialists in weight loss decided to correct the ill impression that people who…


Explaining cellular oxidation and how antioxidants help

16 Feb, 2015 | by Gabriel Rosoga | 0 comments
All cells, regardless of their origin, go through oxidation with time. The human body is no exception as the much feared process of aging is nothing more than cell oxidation.  While a piece of sliced apple, quickly turns brown after being exposed to air, human cells have a much longer…


Childhood cancers preventable with healthy lifestyle

3 Feb, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 28 comments
Causes for childhood cancers are dominantly correlated to lifestyle elements such as parental occupation, maternal reproductive history, parental tobacco or alcohol use, maternal diet, and diet. An important distinction is that childhood cancers are preventable to a great extent by following a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Anupam Sachdeva, Director of Pediatric…


Overweight no longer a problem with new magical ingredient

12 Dec, 2014 | by Ionut Popescu | 0 comments
Trying to meet society’s growing expectation for miraculous anti-obesity measures, researchers have come up with a new technique to trick your brain into thinking you are full. The new ingredient is based on propionate, a substance known to activate certain gut hormones, altering the brain’s perception on fullness. The studies…


Poor nutrition decisions blamed on conflicting information

27 Oct, 2014 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
To the list of things most of us are utterly unaware of, add healthy diet, according to a national survey on diet released this week. About 1,000 Australians were surveyed and conflicting information emerged about what food was responsible for tummy aches, according to Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council Galaxy…


Alzheimer’s disease significantly delayed with walnut-enriched diet

23 Oct, 2014 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
A daily diet enriched with walnuts substantially improves your health such as reducing, delaying, and slowing the development of Alzheimer’s, a recent study found. Describing the study, Abha Chauhan from the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities (IBR) said: "Our study adds to the growing body…