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The daily deal : a neck massager at an unbeatable price

28 Jul, 2016 | by Daniel Tomas | 0 comments
As of this week, helpmeoutDOC has begun offering a series of massively discounted health items for sale. Today it is time to introduce our readers to the Neck Vive Massager, which is very beneficial for relieving stress accumulated through the day. The product is  manufactured by the Adore Better Living, a…


Why dry skin brushing should be a daily routine

13 Dec, 2014 | by Daniel Tomas | 0 comments
We all acknowledge the importance of brushing our teeth,  washing our faces or showering early in the morning. After all, it's a matter of personal hygiene, keeping our body free of potentially harmful germs or bacteria. Little is known though about the importance of dry skin brushing, and its benefits…