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News tag: attractive


Facelifts make women look younger and happier

10 Apr, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Following a facelift, women not only look younger but have a friendlier demeanor, according to a new study. Several facial procedures such as chin implants, eye lifts, and full facelifts seemed to significantly improve the way women are perceived. The study showed that after a facelift, a woman looks more…


Women in high heels get more attention, say the French

20 Nov, 2014 | by Ionut Popescu | 0 comments
Women wearing high heels  should expect a more friendly attitude from men. Needless to say,  women on high heels are more attractive in the eyes of men, and this reason alone makes them more likely to receive help when needed. This  was actually a topic of research at the University…