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News tag: atrial fibrillation


Layer of fat surrounding heart may determine heart disease

19 Nov, 2014 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Whether a person is obese as measured by values of body mass index (BMI) tells only a partial story about a person’s heart health. A better predictor of the disease is the amount of fat surrounding the heart, as this layer of fat has been closely associated with atrial fibrillation…


Omega-3 supplements fail reducing atrial fibrillation, study shows

15 Oct, 2014 | by Gabriel Rosoga | 0 comments
Those suffering from heart disease and rely on fish oil to improve their health’s heart, may follow a wrong path, new research suggests. Fish oil supplements, although rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, have no effect in reducing atrial fibrillation, a common type of irregular heartbeat. Anil Nigam, lead investigator for…