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News tag: apple


Apples more likely to keep the pharmacist, not doctor away

1 Apr, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Giving up eating apples to replace it with a packet of chips will hardly happen, but the famed benefits of eating a day to keep the doctor away have been challenged, new study claimed. Researchers at University of Michigan said that "evidence does not support that an apple a day…


High pesticide residue in foods affects sperm count

31 Mar, 2015 | by Daniel Tomas | 0 comments
Pesticides have gathered a negative reputation for their numerous dangerous effects. There is a link between pesticides and lower quality of semen, new research claims. The study determined that men who consumed large amounts of fruits and vegetables with high levels of pesticide residue had a 49 percent lower sperm…


7 reasons apples are essential to a healty lifestyle

3 Feb, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Apples have always been on the list of fruits doctors and nutritionists would recommend. The list is exhaustive, so here is just a few of the reasons it is recommended to include apples in your diet: Promote healthy digestions – rich in soluble fibers, apples regulate digestion and prevent the…