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News tag: adolescents


Skipping lunch becomes a worrisome practice in children

31 Mar, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
In United States, children and adolescents exhibit the common practice of skipping lunch, with 13 percent of younger children and 17 percent of 9-13 year old having this habit. According to new analysis of data from the 2009-2012 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) that evaluated eating patterns of…


Bursts on high-intensity exercise prove best before fatty meal

31 Mar, 2015 | by Ion Gireada | 0 comments
Short periods of high-intensity exercise before having a fatty meal work best for vascular health, a new study found. Researchers at University of Exeter found that an intensive exercise before indulging a high fat meal has benefits for blood vessels in young people compared to currently recommended moderate-intensity exercise. Scientists…