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Daniel Tomas
Tehnology Writer

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Gabriel Rosoga
Medical and Health Writer

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Ion Gireada
Science Writer

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April 27, 2015 | 0 comments

Ionut Popescu
Health and lifestyle writer

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September 9, 2016 | 0 comments

Peanut-contaminated cumin results in FDA issuing allert

by Ion Gireada on 19 February 2015
Health, Nutrition     |      allergy,  contamination,  cumin,  peanut

People with peanut allergies should avoid cumin, as several shipments of the spice tested positive for peanuts not listed on the label, US Food and Drug Administration has warned.

On Wednesday, the agency issued an alert saying that people allergic to peanuts or highly sensitive may be at risk of having a deadly allergic reaction if they consume the contaminated cumin.

Since December, hundreds of products have been recalled, including spice mixes and black beans, meats and marinades containing cumin.

Cumin is often used in Tex-Mex and Indian foods, and it is highly possible the contaminated spice was imported. FDA refuses to provide additional information about how it happened or what company was involved in adding peanuts sub-products to its cumin spice.

While the number of people that might see an allergic reaction from the product is unclear, the agency added that it received several reports of “adverse events” involving undeclared peanut allergens, but those reports have not been verified yet.

FDA encourages those who might have suffered a reaction to cumin to file a report.

The agency also added that packaged foods might not have enough of the affected cumin to pose a threat or trigger a reaction. However, people who are sensitive should be careful. Some products do not list “cumin” but the generic “spice”.

Multiple recalls have spanned a two-month period. Goya Foods recalled last Friday some brands of its black beans and black bean soup. Several other foods have been pulled off store shelves.

Peanut-contaminated cumin results in FDA issuing allert

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