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Tehnology Writer

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Health and lifestyle writer

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Fast-food chain removes soda from kids’ menu

by Daniel Tomas on 16 January 2015
Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition     |      diabetes,  health problems,  soda,  sugar,  sugary drink,  tooth decay

Fast-food chain Wendy’s will discard soda from its kids’ menu following requests from consumer organizations including and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). The menus targeting children will no longer mention soda, but parents will still be able to order it for their kids if they wish so.

Wendy’s, one of the ‘big-three’ fast-food chains, follows in the steps on McDonald’s to remove soda from kid’s menu in 2013. Other big fast food chains that include Subway, Chipotle, Arby’s, and Panera have already removed soda from kids’ menus.

Soda contains a significant amount of sugar, which has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay, obesity, and other conditions. A study published in the medical journal The Lancet, shows that one extra sugary drink each day leads to the risk of obesity in children by 60%.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that children use no more than three or four teaspoons of sugar per day. However, one 12-oz. can of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar, while a 2-liter bottle of it has. According to AHA, adult men should also only take eight or nine teaspoons a day, and women should only consume five teaspoons.

“Wendy’s is taking a responsible step forward that will improve children’s health and make it easier for parents to make healthy choices for their children. We hope Burger King, Applebee’s, IHOP, and other chains follow suit”, said Jessica Almy, CSPI senior nutrition policy counsel.

Fast-food chain removes soda from kids’ menu

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