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Medical and Health Writer

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Science Writer

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Ionut Popescu
Health and lifestyle writer

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Don’t start a diet because it’s trendy! Here’s why.

by Gabriel Rosoga on 30 March 2015
Lifestyle, Nutrition     |      deficiencies,  diet,  human body,  vegan

Balancing various areas of our life is increasingly difficult. Nutrition is no exception, as a trend of healthy nutrition frequently push us in opposite directions. What works for a person, does not work for the other. People talk about vegetarian or vegan diet, and contrast these against raw diet or a purely healthy nutrition.

The benefits of consuming as much vegetables as possible are abundant, but research showed that a purely vegetarian diet may have negative consequences. Too much of something good may actually be bad for us. Unfortunately,many of us make this mistake when switching to a restrictive diet including vegetarian or vegan, and do not realize the danger of following the nutrition trends of the day, the nutrition fashion.

Here are six reasons why being fashionable in nutrition is dangerous to our health:

  1. Win some, lose some – while concerned with getting the correct nutrition, most of the days will work well, making you happy and confident. However, there will be days when you will not know what to do, or find yourself with a difficult choice on nutrition. As a result, the stress of potentially failing in your plan to eat healthy will have a negative impact on your nervous system, leading to anxiety or even depression in some cases.
  2. Going to the extremes – some of those who adopt a healthy nutrition commit the mistake of obsessing with their choises, and frequently end of abusing their bodies. Of a sad notoriety are those “detoxification” cures, too frequent and dangerously restrictive such as “no food for seven days while jogging five miles each day.”
  3. Nutrient deficiencies – most vegetarians have these deficiencies, especially when living at modern-life pace,spending nine hours at work, and meeting the other family responsibilities. Only those who can afford a relatively slower pace can follow a perfect vegetarian diet.
  4. Fear of diseases – proponents of healty diets often invoke incurable diseases looming at the next corner, and the only preventive measure is an even healthier diet.
  5. Being somewhat arrogant – When attitudes go unbalanced, some healthy conscious followers feel they belong to a special club, and the result is a certain attitude of superiority over those who eat regular food. Because arrogance is a negative emotion, it shares the effects of such emotions; it leads to increased acidity in our bodies which causes more harm than the benefits of healthy foods.
  6. Thinking Vegetarian Diet is for everyone – from a general perspective, we can easily argue that human body adapts well to changes. However, when radical changes in our diet as those imposed by a vegetarian diet occur over a short time, the most likely effect is a nutritional and functional shock to our bodies. Nutritional choices should match and support a person’s lifestyle. There are professions where switching abruptly to a vegetarian diet may result in losing the physical ability to perform that profession.

An incresing number of dieticians suggest that a smart diet is more than deciding to become a vegetarian or vegan. A smart diet involves making smart choices and decisions about the quality and quantity of foods, it means making choices that meet our daily energy requirements, and preventing excessive restrictions.

Don’t start a diet because it’s trendy! Here’s why.

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