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Brain aging slowed down by coconut oil

by Gabriel Rosoga on 6 November 2014
Nutrition     |      brain aging,  Cockayne,  coconut oil,  ketones,  sugar

Eating foods rich in fats might help your brain against aging,  combating hear loss and other nervous system related disorders.

The findings were recently published in the journal Cell Metabolism and apply to mice only , but may very well be true in humans, scientists say.

The research work was done by the scientists from the Centre for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen, along with the Institute for Health , who put Cockayne affected mice on a diet rich in coconut oil. The researchers were trying to see how the chain of fatty acids abundant in coconut oil benefits certain brain functions. The results were very promising, indicating a mild improvement in overall brain functions

The Cockayne syndrome is a rare congenital disorder that manifests by premature aging,  leading to growth failure and an impaired nervous system development.

The brain requires sugar to function properly, but it can also run on another substance- ketones, which is normally stored as a back-up energy source.

What happens when the coconut oil breaks into its constituents it that the brain gets its needed sugar while still producing ketones for later use.

The extra energy converted from the coconut oil is what helps the brain counteract the normal aging process.

Brain aging slowed down by coconut oil

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