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Tehnology Writer

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Ion Gireada
Science Writer

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Health and lifestyle writer

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Novel treatment shows significant death rate drop in ischemic stroke patients

by Ion Gireada on 13 February 2015
Health, Medical technology     |      acute ischemic stroke,  death rate,  thrombectomy (ET)

A new treatment for major ischemic strokes has been tested in Canada. Potentially cutting the death rate from stroke in half, the treatment has been developed at the University of Calgary using a brand new technology.

When a large artery to the brain gets clogged up with a blood clot, a major ischemic stroke happens.

In the trials, researchers collaborated with 316 stroke victims who were brough in witin 12 hours after a stroke. Most of the patients received the standard treatment, but members of the trial group received the new treatment.

This novel treatment uses high-tech equipment and imaging that gives doctors the opportunity to insert a tube into an artery in the groin of the patient. Next, doctors maneuver the tube towards the brain using an X-ray imaging. To remove the clot through the blood vessels, doctors use a removable stent, and completely restore the flow of blood to the brain.

The process behind the treatment is called thrombectomy (ET), and is credited to dropping by half the death rate by stroke compared to those who were not treated with this method. The results have provided the factual support that stands behind the statement of Dr. Michael Hill, senior author of the study, who believes the treatment could become global. Dr. Hill is a professor at the Univ. of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine.

“This is the most significant and fundamental change in acute ischemic stroke treatment in the last 20 years,” Dr. Hill said. “These results will impact stroke care around the world.”

Dr. Hill and his team suggest that this treatment will become the standard of care for stroke patients.

The results are published in the online version of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Novel treatment shows significant death rate drop in ischemic stroke patients

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