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Older men remember less than women do

by Ion Gireada on 19 March 2015
Health, Lifestyle     |      Alzheimer's disease,  cognitive decline,  hippocampus,  memory

As people age, they get forgetful of simple things such as where they last placed the key, of where have you put the papers in the office, but these should not be considered signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

In a couple, the woman is the one more likely to see her partner exhibit more of such behavior, as men tend to have a worse memory in older age than women do.

Dr. Clifford R. Jack, head of the study from Mayo Facility and Foundation in Minnesota, mentions that their study aims to tell everyone that memory gap is something that humans cannot escape. Jack said that, “It’s an unpleasant feature of normal aging, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting dementia… A decline in memory is something that happens to everyone.

In their study, scientists conducted mind structure and action observations in 1,246 participants with ages between 30 and 95, and also considered that these people have ordinary cognitive capacity.

The results of the study show that the activity is highly linked to the hippocampus region of the brain where memory is structured, arranged and stored. In individuals with ages 30 through mid-60s, the hippocampus region contracts, resulting in a slow decrease in memory. After that age, there is a significant volume decline in the activity in that region.

Men experience a memory gap more significant women, with the decline starting at the age of 40. After they reach 60, hippocampus volume in men is a lot lower than that of women.

Jack wants people to remember that, “In middle age, in the event that you are encountering gaps in memory, it is ordinary. Stop thinking about Alzheimer’s or dementia whenever you forget something. You’re worrying much more than you should.”

The findings were published in JAMA Neurology.

Older men remember less than women do

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