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Ionut Popescu
Health and lifestyle writer

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September 9, 2016 | 0 comments

Education or bust, this should be the question

by Ionut Popescu on 13 June 2016
Lifestyle     |      bernie sanders,  Cambodia,  Chicago,  education,  Government,  Internet connection,  Romania,  Thailand

In June 2016,  Bucharest still has an Internet connection that’s going to make Bernie Sanders feel the bit.
But Romania’s capital also has something else, something that lacks in the world’s wealthiest country  : tuition free public Universities. The equation is simple : you study, you get a degree and then you apply for a job anywhere in the European Union. 90% of all graduates go on to work  decent paying jobs, pay their taxes and eventually return the money they were indirectly given by their Government.

If you walk in the streets of anywhere Europe, virtually all agree with this, because IT WORKS. And when I say it works, I mean that the system yields a balanced output, which indicates that many young people in Europe actually undertake tertiary education, they get a job and live a decent life. Most of them don’t get rich, but it’s okay, they love their status. This is one of the reasons wealth disparities in Europe and those in the US bear no comparison. And you don’t really need  statistics to confirm it, it is enough to land in Newark and take a train ride to Penn Station…and look out the window.

I think the degree of poverty some people in the US face is not comparable to anything you see in any of the third world countries that American politicians like to invoke. I have travelled to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Peru, Ecuador and things there are on the sunny side as compared to some Las Vegas districts or what happens just outside of Chicago’s city center.

The question is how are you going to get this people out of poverty if you don’t give them a chance to education? Would you pay less and live among potential criminals, or pay slightly more and live in a peaceful society? Why do we even debate this?

As the political events unwind, I am afraid these are the last days this topic might be brought up in mainstream televised debates. As we part with decency and normality, we can only hope the education issue will rekindle in the near future.

Education or bust, this should be the question

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