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Top 5 internal debates after you quit smoking

by Daniel Tomas on 6 March 2016
Health     |      addiction,  cigarrete,  internal debate,  nicotine,  quit smoking,  worth quitting

quit smoking
When it comes to quitting smoking,  a responsible article publisher should refrain from saying whether it is hard or easy, beacause breaking off an addiction is an intimately personal experience. We have, however, managed to put together some of the most frequent, yet perfectly explainable post quit smoking dilemmas :

1) How long will I feel the need for a cig? Will it be forever?

Answer :  NO. The physical need fades within 48 hours, you may go on with psychological craves, in the sense that you are accustomed to a daily routine involving lighting up at certain times. After a while your routine will change. You don’t have to count the days until this happens, it will be a gradual process that has only one way. As long as you never take a puff again.

2) “I want it / No I don’t” – this is a very frequent internal debate among “young” quitters, who are riddled with the feeling that they crave for a cigarette. The moment is particularly disturbing as it may occur weeks, even months into the quit, without a particular reason.

Answer : YES. You do want that cigarrete, but it is ok, your mind is designed in such a way that you will always feel attracted to something you “can’t” have. There is no such thing as a cigarette, it always comes down to whatever your organism is accustomed to – more precisely the amount of nicotine it needs. One thing any quitter should remember is how many cigarettes per day they used to smoke before quitting, because this is colloquially called the “smoke number”, and it stand for the precise number of cigarettes your body needs. Of course it may take 1 week or 1 month, but, if you get back to smoking, you will gradually increase to the smoke number.

3) Is it really worth quitting? I see people keep smoking and seem to be just fine. I have seen people smoke until their nineties, and they’ve pulled it off…

The answer is YES. It is worth quitting. Again, you’re not doing it because you are facing death, although this applies for 50% of the smokers, on an average. You’re quitting because you have an addiction, which makes your life revolve around a cigarette break. You’re quitting because you did not plan out one cigarette every 10 minutes when you took first smoked. You thought you would just have a cig every now and then and you’d be fine. Unfortunately, for the majority of active smokers, smoking does not work this way. Once you are hooked, you are hooked for life and denying it will not make things better.

As far as the 90 years old smokers, you’re not seeing the whole picture. Even if these pops exist, be sure cigarettes took at least 10 years of their life and, most importantly, livelihood. It’s not only about living, it is also about the quality of life, which is severely biased in case of smokers, as they age.

4) I was supposed to feel great, they said my life would change 180 degrees. I don’t feel much improvement.

Your life did change, and quitting smoking is a major accomplishment. Remember you are fighting a real addiction, and as long as you keep nicotine out of your system, you are a successful quitter. But the key thing here is to understand you are not necessarily going to feel better –  you will simply  feel NORMAL, exactly the way you felt before you took up this deadly addiction. The best thing that can happen to you is to go back to the time when you were not hooked up on anything, this being the only way to have a clear perspective on the matter.

5) So this is it? I will never smoke again…This is sad.

No, it is not. This is a fake dilemma, You can smoke any time you want, but understand that you will go back into withdrawal, and most likely back to smoking. The good news is that, although you can smoke any time you want, you won’t have to smoke ever again.

As I’ve said earlier. quitting smoking is  matter of making a decision and the worst thing you can do is make this decision half hearted. I’ve seen so many people quit for the wrong reasons, so it is very important to understand how nicotine acts as an addiction drug. You can check out the other news articles on nicotine addiction, or you can browse through a very comprehensive collection of quit smoking videos.

The bottom line is if you do find yourself in a situation where your minds wanders to this question, the best thing you can do is start reading about the phenomenon of smoking, to get a clearer view on why you should quit and why you should be very happy about it.

Top 5 internal debates after you quit smoking

quit smoking
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