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Quit smoking by watching Joel’s videos

by Ionut Popescu on 1 February 2016
Health     |      american cancer society,  joel spitzer,  nicotine,  NRT,  quit smoking,  why is it so hard to quit

quit smoking
Every year millions of people all over the world try to quit smoking. Smoking is the quickest way of getting nicotine into the blood stream, with a puff from a cigarette delivering the nicotine to the brain in less than 7 seconds
While 20-30 years ago, the only method of quitting smoking was going cold turkey, more recently, many inventive entrepreneurs have discovered that nicotine addiction is a very interesting business niche.

This is why many quit smoking blogs or websites advertise various ways of quitting the „nasty habit” indicating NRTs, such as patches, gums, inhalers, or, more recently e-cigs etc.

It does not come as a big surprise that even very established websites advocating against smoking, will still advise for nicotine replacement therapy which, of course, must be „tailored” around the specificity of each individual. Not all these advisors do it because they make money from the NRT industry, some are simply oblivious to the simple truth.
Just by looking up „quit smoking” on Google, will reveal a first page of results, riddled with many questions and answers, that will lead the reader into believing that quitting smoking is long, painful endeavor. Such pieces of advice include finding a quit buddy, taking up hypnotherapy and/or acupuncture, setting a quit date, or talking to your doctor about quitting.
As you can see, just by enumerating these options, a logical conclusion can be drawn – it is basically very hard and complicated to quit smoking. And people don’t have the time for complicated things.
Unfortunately, even the American Cancer Society displays a very demotivating title on its quit smoking page : “Why is it so hard to quit?”, and debates that if you do lose a quit, you should just keep trying until you succeed. We will let our readers be the judge if this is being supportive or not for those considering quitting…
Since helpmeoutDOC is 100% non smoking website and we only support the cold turkey method, I would like to recommend Joel Spitzer’s videos which, in my opinion constitute the most comprehensive source of information with regard to quitting smoking.
Mr. Spitzer has an experience of more than 40 years in implementing smoking cessation programs, and has the incredible ability of explaining in detail what you should expect both during the first days of quitting, and on the long term, to prevent relapse.

If you are thinking about  quitting, Joel’s videos are extremely motivating and will guide through the steps of becoming nicotine free.
Mr. Spitzer’s videos are 100% free, and are provide extremely useful in insights into the phenomenon of smoking. By listening to Mr. Spitzer’s videos you will learn facts such as why you have passing thoughts of smoking months into the quit, why drinking alcohol may make you want to smoke more, whether or not passive smoking can cause relapse, etc .

I don’t want to spoil it for you, so start watching  Joel’s videos and, most of all, stick to that personal commitment “to never take another puff”.

I personally benefited from Mr. Spitzer’s videos more than 4 years ago,  when I quit, and this is why I would like to thank him by writing these few words about his noble activity.

Quit smoking by watching Joel’s videos

quit smoking
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  • John R. Polito

    Thank you, Ionut Popescu, for featuring and encouraging smokers to explore Joel Spitzer’s more than 200 free quit smoking videos. Joel’s Library ( ) has arranged the videos under the following 10 categories: Use Costs | Addiction | Quitting Methods | Use Rationalizations | How to Quit | Recovery | Pitfalls | Symptoms | Relapse Prevention | Helping Others

    Why are half of adult smokers smoking themselves to death? I submit it’s primarily because they failed to invest the time needed to understand their adversary and the key to permanently breaking nicotine’s grip upon their mind and life.

    Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

    John R. Polito
    Nicotine Cessation Educator

  • Ionut Popescu

    Hello Mr. Polito, I am glad I could help. Please let me know if I can give you an extra hand in any way by promoting you and Mr. Spitzer in the online environment. I think you and Mr. Spitzer have saved a lot of lives, probably mine too, so I would gladly shoulder in on your work. Thank you again.