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How healthy are dried fruits really?

by Daniel Tomas on 18 January 2016
Health     |      acai berry,  antioxidants,  barberries,  Calcium,  dried figs,  dried fruits,  dried wild roses,  glycaemia,  goji berry,  magnesium,  potassium,  vitamin C,  vitamin K

Highly praised as great snacks, dried fruits are a very common substitute to regular fresh fruits, due to their smaller size and a their extended sell by date. The trap most of us fall into is that we tend to consume more dried fruits than fresh fruits, not only because they are smaller, but because they are also much sweeter, and our organism is naturally attracted by sugars.

Another issue with drying process, no matter if the fruits are dehydrated or baked in the oven, is that most of the vitamins in the fruit (particularly Vitamin C)  are basically destroyed. Health experts say that dried fruits may be part of the daily diet, but only in moderation, and particular caution should be taken by those with a high glycaemia.

What are the dried fruits richest in vitamins?

1) Dried figs

Dried figs are rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K. Extremely rich in sugars, they provide an almost instantaneous boost of energy. A cup of dried figs contains 371 calories, and 241 mg of Calcium, which make up for 24% of the optimum daily intake. Eat a few dried figs as a desert or snack in-between lunch and dinner.


Experts advise against overconsumption of dried figs, as they contain a very high amount of potassium, which absorbed in excess, might lead to palpitations. Dried figs are also a very good source of dietary fiber, and therfore help prevent constipation.

2) Dried wild roses or barberries

They constitute an exceptional source of Vitamin C, acting as a very powerful antioxidant. They are not so sweet as the dried figs, and therefore not so tasty, but their properties are absolutely outstanding.

Among the benefits, most noteworthy are the ant-iinflammatory effects, the ability to protect blood vessels from cholesterol, and the treating of diarrhea.


3) The acai berry

This type of berry has been growing in popularity in the last years. It is native to South America, and has been used by the Brazilians for hundreds of years as an universal healer and antiaging medicine. The acai berries are the fruits of a the Acai palm tree, which grows in the equatorial climate of Brazil.

Dried acai fruits

The amazing properties of the acai berry were first noticed by American athletes in the  1970’s, when it was observed that including the acai berry in an athlete’s diet lead to a significant increase in performance.

The acai berry contains a special type of antioxidant, which is 10 times more active than the antioxidants contained in other fruits such are oranges or apples. The acai berries are usually sold as dried fruits or in the shape of powder,

The acai berry is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and E, calcium and potassium, making it one of the best dried fruits to consume on a daily basis.

4) Dried goji berries or wolfberry

Goji berries are original to Asia, most probably China, but they have been successfully brought to Europe and the United States. Many people actually have started growing goji berries in their backyard, as they are generally not a very demanding plant to grow.


Few people know that the goji berries are richer than carrots in beta-caroten, and posess 400 times more Vitamin C than oranges.

One of the main qualities about dried goji berries is that they don’t lose much of theri vitamins and minerals in the process of dehydration.

One last note about dried fruits rich in antioxidants :  if you want to start a diet based on aliments rich in antioxidants, you should discuss the matter with your physician or dietitian. While antioxidants generally have a positive effect on the organism, there are side-effects which may occur if taken in excess.

How healthy are dried fruits really?

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