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Tehnology Writer

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Ion Gireada
Science Writer

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Ionut Popescu
Health and lifestyle writer

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Eating little may keep you living longer

by Daniel Tomas on 23 June 2015
Health     |      Alzheimer,  eat little,  food deprivation,  health threats,  heart condition,  keep young

Among other benefits, a low calorie may keep you young, says a new study conducted by professor Valter Lego from the University of Southern California.

The study, published in ‘Cell Metabolism’,  zooms in on the effects of eating small amounts of food on daily basis, which yielded very promising results on a sample population of mice. The results indicate that the mice population, which was  given very little over a long period of time, became more resilient to diseases, cancers and other types of health threats, which contributed to a longer lifespan. The researchers are optimistic about these results, as they may apply to humans as well.

The link between eating little and a longer, healthier life was first speculated upon in the 1930’s. Back then the evidence was not so convincing as life expectancy worldwide was still very short, due to the lack of proper medicines or health care systems throughout the world. Things however evolved, and latest research has lead scientists to think there may be a link between how much you eat and how long you live.

In 2013, scientists from the Gladstone Institute in California, came up with evidence on how cutting down on your daily calories by a mere 20% may protect your from Alzheimer’s and heart conditions. At the time, the conclusions, published in the Science magazine, stressed the importance of BOHB, a special compound produced by the human body during times of prolonged food deprivation.

Eating little may keep you living longer

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