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Daily almond snacks contribute to a good health

by Daniel Tomas on 1 March 2016
Health     |      almonds,  diet attitude,  HEI index,  magnesium,  Vitamin F

After studying the diet of 28 families living in Florida, American researchers have concluded that a daily snack consisting of almonds, may improve your health significantly. The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition Research, and highlighted a comparison between the so-called Healthy Eating Index (HEI) before and after inserting almonds into the participants’ daily diet.

Parents were advised to eat 45 grams of almonds, whereas their children would only eat 15 grams every day. Upon kick-off, the HEI index  for both parents and kids showed figures in the realm of 50, which, by American standards, means a diet very poor in nutrients. According to most American dietitians, an acceptable HEI index should be situated above 80 points.

When almonds were finally introduced into the diet, new measurements showed an increase in the HEI index by 10-12 points, over not more than 4-5 days. The results were even more promising as they lead to a shift in the so called “diet attitude” of the participants. Both parents and kinds stopped craving for salty snakes, and reduced the amount of calories taken from sugar rich aliments.

The past 10 years have shown a drastic decrease in the consumption of almonds, nut, and dried fruits, particularly in young people (kids and adolescents) . This decrease coincided with the rise of glycemically dangerous foods such as crisps or salty bagels, which may cause sudden sugar spikes, favoring conditions such as diabetes.

Almonds, along with other types of nuts such as walnuts or peanuts, are a very reliable source of magnesium, which plays an essential role in the the functions of human organs, warding off feelings of fatigue, muscle cramps or states of nervousness.

Almonds may also be used for making almond oil, which is known to have many benefits in skin care, mainly due to the rich content of Vitamin F, E, and D.

Daily almond snacks contribute to a good health

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