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A list of vitamins essential to a healthy skin

by Daniel Tomas on 18 February 2016
Beauty & Skin care     |      Antioxidant,  beauty and skin,  skin care,  skin health,  Vitamin F,  vitamins

vitamins skin
We are all living in an increasingly polluted world that takes its toll on our health at an alarming pace. Aside from inducing health conditions and pushing us into frequent states of anxiety, experts have now shown that our environment affect the largest human living organ : the skin.
Whether we like it or not, we have to start taking the right measures in order to combat the nasty effects of surrounding fumes caused by industrial establishments, cars or the rising influence of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Sometimes what we eat may have a greater influence on our skin than what we apply on our skin. This is why we have compiled a list of vitamins, and their main acquiring sources. These vitamins that act as protectors against skin diseases, and should be an integrate part of our daily diets.
Vitamin E – it is a well known antioxidant, very effective in draining out all the poisons from the organisms. These poisons are absorbed when eating modern foods treated with food additives that make the product look “good” and stay “fresh”. If a product’s sell by date is greater than 15 days, you should pay extra attention to what its ingredients are.

Eat coconut, spinach and olive to not worry about your Vitamin E levels.
We, as humans, have a dual relationship with the Sun. The Sun is both our friend and our enemy. We love it as it naturally provides Vitamin D, which is so hard to get from anywhere else. We fear it because its UV rays are so harmful and strike without a notice putting us in danger of developing skin cancer.
Vitamin C helps with skin rejuvenation, acting as a very powerful antioxidant in the sense that it helps break down the collagen much better, aiding the skin in stressful moments, especially when bombed with UV rays. Vitamin C and E also mend the damage done by the free radicals on cells, which are basically chemical compounds found in modern day air we breath every second. The free radicals eat away at the core of the human functioning mechanism : the cell.

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Vitamin C is mostly found in fruits and legumes : the kiwi fruit (90mgs of Vitamin C)  is one of the best fruits to eat if you want to boost your vitamin C levels. Very effective also are strawberries, the mango fruit and the pineapple. Our body can handle around 2000 mg of Vitamin C per day, but 1200 mg is more than enough to keep a skin healthy.
Vitamin F – The benefits of vitamin F for skin health are well known, and have been presented before in some of our articles. Among most notable benefits, we have refer to the fact that it helps maintain the permeability of the cellular membrane, which creates a shield around the skin against corrosive factors. Vitamin F is abundant in most types of nuts (walnuts, peanuts) and seeds, especially sunflower, so you would really need to go out of your way to become Vitamin F depleted.  We also wrota an article detailing the list of Vitamin F sources easy to find at the grocery shop.

A list of vitamins essential to a healthy skin

vitamins skin
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