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Madalina Radu

madalinaradu Speciality:
Licensed Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Dream Analysis, Spiritual Counseling
Current position:
Psychologist and Psychotherapist

As a licensed psychologist with a Master’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioral, Madalina holds several certifications including “Evaluation and Intervention Strategies in Children and Teenage Psychology”, “Methods in Dealing with Children having Behavioral Challenges”, or Research characteristics in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy”.

A comprehensive list of Madalina’s interests include: Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy (individual and couples psychotherapy, children and teenage psychotherapy, group psychotherapy), Anxiety and Panic Attack, Social Phobia, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, Certified Dream Analyst, Spiritual Counselor, Personal Development Guide, Self-help Counselor

Questions answered: 348

Madalina Radu's Education and Experience:
- Licensed Psychologist, 2008
- Master's Degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, 2010
- Psychologist and Psychotherapist
- Certified in "Evaluation and Intervention Strategies in Children and Teenage Psychology", 2011
- Certified in "Methods in Dealing with Children having Behavioral Challenges", 2011
- Certified in "Research characteristics in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy", 2011
- Certified in "Enriching Psychotherapy Using Effective Clinical Strategies", 2011

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