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Kevin Shore

kevin-shore Speciality:
weight loss and weight management, controlling diabetes, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol
Current position:
Freelance/Self-Employed Public Health Nutritionist

With a strong background in nutrition and exercise, Kevin provides health and nutrition advice in prestigious journals and magazines. After getting his BSc (Hons) in Public Health Nutrition from University of Wales Institute Cardiff following a BSc (Hons) in Exercise Science from University of Brighton, Kevin worked in the academic environment as a prelude to becoming a writer for Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle.

An extensive list of Kevin’s interests include: weight loss and weight management, controlling diabetes, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, improving bone health, preventing constipation, dietary and lifestyle treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attack, reducing tiredness and overcoming nutritional deficiencies.

Questions answered: 100

Kevin Shore's Education and Experience:
- BSc (Hons) Public Health Nutrition (2:1) at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, 2005-2009
- BSc (Hons) Exercise Science (2:2) at the University of Brighton, 2000-2003
- BTEC National Diploma in Science (Sports Studies) at Weston College (7 Distinctions and 1 Merit in second year), 1998-2000
- GCSE’s at Weston College (English Language, C, 1998; Human Biology, C, 1998; Maths, C, 1999; Psychology, B, 2000)
Kevin Shore's Employment:
- Freelance/Self-Employed Public Health Nutritionist, April 2011-Present
- Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle Writer, Weston Mercury, November 2009-August 2011
- University Work Experience in an NHS Nutrition and Dietetic Department, Bangor (4 weeks, 2006) and Oldham (12 weeks, 2008)

2 Langport Road
North Somerset
BS23 1YR

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