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Emma Olliff

Picture 3 Speciality:
Women's health, hormones, fertility, menopause, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Stress, Chronic Disease
Current position:
Nutritional Therapist

Emma has been an active and involved nutritional therapist, using the Functional Medicine model successfully to improve the life of many patients. She holds titles in several organizations including Associate member of Direct Marketing Association, Member of British Association of Nutritional Therapists, and Member Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

A comprehensive list of Emma’s interest include: Women’s health, hormones, fertility, menopause, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Stress, Chronic Disease

Questions answered: 231

Emma Olliff's Experience and Education:
- Nutritional Therapist, Platinum Healing: April 2013 – Present (1 month) England
Platinum Healing offers luxury detoxification retreats in Arundel, Sussex and Spain. As Platinum Healing’s nutritionist I specialize in supporting clients well being through their detoxification program, which includes: educational talks, nutritional advice to guests as well as providing in depth nutritional consultation. I also work with Platinum on their specialist nutrition for fertility programs.
- Nutritional Therapist, Nutrition Genie: October 2013 – Present (8 months) England
Nutrition Genie Workshops are bespoke, interactive sessions which can be designed for small or large groups, schools – both primary and secondary and corporate businesses. Nutrition Genie offers a large variety of topics, that can be tailor made to suit your specific needs.
- Nutritional Therapist and Metabolic Balance Practitioner, Emma Olliff Nutritional Therapy: July 2013 – Present (11 months) Brighton, United Kingdom
If you know how to take care of your body, it will take care of you. My ethos was borne out of a love of food and a commitment to health. I employ the Functional Medicine model, which is an integrative healthcare approach designed to consider the entire body and its environment, and I practice evidence-based Nutritional Therapy, drawing upon the latest nutrition science whilst recognizing that each and every client is biochemically unique. 

At Emma Olliff Nutritional Therapy I am committed to identifying the unique underlying causes of your ill health. Specialized functional testing, nutritional supplementation with diet and lifestyle modifications are used to address individual needs giving each client a bespoke nutrition plan.
- Nutritionist, Borde Hill Clinic: 2013 – 2013 (less than a year)

Professional Memberships
- AIDM – Associate member of Direct Marketing Association
- BANT – Member - British Association of Nutritional Therapists
- CNHC – Member - Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
- CNM – Member - Complementary Medical Assocition
Continued Professional Development (CPD)
- NutriAdvanced – Oestrogen Metabolism Program - Ongoing
- NutriGold – Fatty Liver Disease 20/03/14
- Bant Webinar – Mitochondria – 04/01/14
- BioCare – Energise! Optimise the Endocrine System 12/02/14
- BioCare – Sports Nutrition 20/01/14
- Nutri Advanced – Nutri Product Training / Education 18/12/13
- Nutri Advanced – Nutri Product Training / Education 04/12/13
- Nutri Advanced – Nutri Product Training / Education 27/11/13
- Metabolic Balance Practitioner – 02/11/13 to 03/11/13
- Lamberts – Gut Health, managing functional gut disorders 06/10/13
- BioMedica – Patient Centred Cancer Support 05/10/13
- NutriLink – AutoImmune Conditions – Route to Resolution 05/10/13
- Institute of Functional Medicine – Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and Chronic Disease – 28th and 29th September 2013
- Lamberts – Female Health, The menopause transition 04/06/13
- Biocare – Body Talk 22/05/13
- Lamberts – Polyphenols in Health and Disease 20/03/13
- Bionutri – Nutritional Connections of the Endocrine 01/03/13
- Biocare – Inflammation Nation 28/02/13
- Nutri – Nutritional Breakthroughs for Stress 12/12/12
- Lamberts – Amino Acids and Proteins 14/06/12
- Lamberts – Facts about Fats 14/06/12
- Higher Nature – Weight Management 26/06/12

Emma Olliff regularly contributes articles on a variety of nutrition and healthy topics to and

Brighton And Hove

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