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Users about Dr. Ursula Bologa
  • Jean, New Mexico

    I have been fighting this bad cough for some time, and tried every home remedy imaginable. It didn’t get better until I received the answer from HelpMeOutDoc, filled with most probable symptoms, causes, and general directions for treatment. Thank you so much!

  • Chris, Nebraska

    My condition is particularly severe, and gives me a lot of concern as there is so much confusion information on the web. Reading your answer regarding arthritis, I realized I received the information I needed in a format I could understood. Thank you, HelpMeOutDoc!


Dr. Ursula Bologa

Doctor in Organic Chemistry, Research in „spin trapping” to identify free radicals during aging process, specialized in Osteoporosis, Nutrition, Conditions, Diets
Current position:
Doctor in Organic Chemistry

Focused on Organic Chemistry, Dr. Bologa authored and coauthored numerous articles published in France, Belgium, and Japan. Conducted research on “spin trapping” to identify free radicals, and specializes in osteoporosis, nutrition, various health conditions, and diets.

Dr. Bologa’s list of interests include: Osteoporosis, General Nutrition, Health Conditions, Diets

Questions answered:

Experience and Education: Doctor in Organic Chemistry, Research in „spin trapping” to identify free radicals during aging process

  • „Nicolae Spacu” Academy Award

  • Nutrition Workshop”, workshop organized by Fitness Scandinavia, affiliated to European Fitness Association

Author and co-author of three books and more than 25 articles published in scientific journals in Japan, France, US, Belgium

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