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Users about Dr. Dan Malciolu
  • Michelle, Washington

    After my surgery I started to gain weight, but all the diets I tried failed. The answer I got from your specialist to my question provided specific steps and foods I should eat, and that resulted in losing weight at a steady and healthy pace. Furthermore, I got some wonderful ideas for tasty and healthy meals! Thank you!

  • Dennis, North Dakota

    Thank you, thank you! I have been saving problems falling asleep and staying asleep. The information on several sites, blogs, and forums did not address my particular situation. By using your site, I received specific answers to my particular problems, and was able to ask follow-up questions. It is a great service!

  • Melissa, Colorado

    My question was rather peculiar as I am trying to gain weight instead of losing weight, and most sites focus on how to lose weight. At your site I found the understanding and excellent advice on how to tackle the process with concern for my health. Thank you, HelpMeOutDoc!


Dr. Dan Malciolu

Dr.Dan-Malciolu Speciality:
General Practitioner, Psychotherapy, Post-traumatic conditions, Nutrition in Psychological Conditions
Current position:
Primary Doctor in Nutrition Hygiene

After becoming a Primary Doctor in Nutrition Hygiene, Dr. Malciolu expended his area of competencies in the area of cognitive-behavior, and complementary and alternative medicine practice. With certification in Health Services Management, he focused on Specialized Studies at Karolinska University, Sweden and George Mason University, US.

A comprehensive list of Dr. Malciolu’s interests include: General nutrition, Personalized nutrition plans, Nutrition in physiological conditions (pregnancy, nursing, recovery) and pathological conditions, psycho-nutrition, Psychotherapy cognitive-behavioral (mood swings, anxiety and phobia, sexual dysfunctional conditions, adapting and post-traumatic conditions, nutrition-related conditions).

Questions answered: 541

Experience and Education:
Primary Doctor in Nutrition Hygiene 1996, Psychotherapist cognitive-behavioralist 2007, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner – Nutrition and Life Style 2013, Certified in Health Services Management 2009, Specialized Studies at Karolinska University – Sweden, George Mason University – US.
Awards: „Outstanding level of performance” US Peace Corps Services Management 2009, Specialized Studies at Karolinska University – Sweden, George Mason University – US

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