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Users about Dr. Daiana Bajko
  • Alex, Virginia

    I was concerned about the knee pain that occured unexpectedly after my surgery. Before visiting the doctor’s office, it was nice to get accurate information and encouraging advice from the medical specialists at your site. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  • Bill, New Jersey

    I want to thank HelpMeOutDoc team for the prompt and useful information few days ago when my mother experienced severe cold symptoms. I wasn’t sure what to do, but the advice and explanations you offered helped me deal with the situation. Thank you!


Dr. Daiana Bajko

Daiana Bajko Speciality:
General Nutrition, Conditions, Diets
Current position:
Medical Doctor in Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases

Dr. Bajko is an active member of Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and focuses on nutrition, diets, and pregnancy.

A comprehensive list of Dr. Bajko’s interests include: General Nutrition, Conditions, Diets, Pregnancy and Nursing

Questions answered: 122

Experience and Education:
Medical Doctor in Diabetes, Nutrition and metabolic diseases, General Medicine Faculty at University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila”, Bucharest.

Awards: National Congress of Non-transmissable Cronical Diseases (Bucharest, Feb 2013), The 39th National Congress of Romanian Society for Diabetes, Nutrition, and Metabolic Diseases (Sibiu – May, 2013), Lilly Diabetes Summer School (Covasna – June, 2013), Days of Paulescu Institute (Bucharest – March, 2013), The Third Conference for Health through Nutrition (Bucharest – October, 2013), The 11th Congress of Romanian Federation for Diabetes, Nutrition, and Metabolic Diseases (Iasi – November, 2013)

Strada Dionisie Lupu nr. 37
Bucuresti Sector 1 020022

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