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Users about Dr. Alina Cosma
  • If you’re looking for an answer to your health problems, I more than warmly recommend Dr. Cosma – i’d been struggling with sleep problems for quite a while until she gave me the right advice.

  • I was very impressed with Dr. Cosma’s advice which was more than valuable in my fight with the extra kilos i put on after i gave birth last year.

  • Jason, Kentucky

    The pain I had in my ear for the past year was infuriating! It came and went away, and I wanted to understand why and solve the problem. Thank you for letting me know the implications of the past ear infection, and guiding me to seek medical help!


Dr. Alina Cosma

Dr. Alina Cosma Speciality:
Beauty and Health, Conditions and Prevention, Fertility
Current position:
General Practitioner

After graduating from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest, Romania, Dr. Cosma continued her research in preventing diseases, nutrition, and food intolerance.

Dr. Cosma’s list of interests include: Beauty and Health, Conditions and Prevention, Fertility, Diets, Food Intolerance, General Nutrition

Questions answered: 201

Experience and Education:
General Practitioner, Sf. Pantelimon Emergency Clinical Hospital, General Medicine Faculty, Transylvania University, Brasov 2004-2010

- Workshop „Nutrition, Health and Lifespan”
- National Congress „Latest News and Perspectives in Transient Medicine and Microbiologic Diagnostic”
- University Congress in Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila”
- National Scientific Conference „Latest News in Arterial Hypertension”
- Symposium „Vascular Endotelium – A practical Target”

340 – 342 Sos Pantelimon
Sector 2

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