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Hello, my name is Andrew, a retired performance athlete, and at 39 years of age I cannot maintain my weight. I am 6.2ft and 210lbs, and I would like to weight under 200lbs and maintain it without any special diet. Can you recommend a diet that would help me reach the target weight, so I can follow the diet naturally without any special effort? Thank you!

Hello Andrew! Most likely, the difficulty of not keeping an adequate weight is because after interrupting being a performance athlete, your diet did not adjust as well. To reach the optimal weight and keep it, first you should consider several principles of a healthy diet. It is very important to have regular meals, preferably three main meals and two snacks. {login}Moderation is the key to a successfully losing weight. You should also reduce the amount of salt to reduce water retention, and you should avoid fried foods.  Foods should be prepared by boiling, steaming, broiling, or grilling. Fruits should be used between meals, preferably as snacks. Because of the potential risk of increasing stored fat, you will avoid foods such as fat meats and fat fish, high fat dairy, fast foods, sweets, large quantities of potatoes, pasta, lint, beans, bread, or sweet fruits: prunes, grapes, bananas, dates, sweetened drinks, sugar. Fruits and vegetables with a low concentration of glucose include such as green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, spinach, citric fruits, wild fruits, watermelon, and strawberries have low calories and should have a main role in your diet. Animal protein will come from beef, chicken, lean fish, eggs, and low fat dairy. Do not use more than 100 grams of bread daily, preferably whole bread. Following is an example of a diet combining all foods.

Breakfast: one cup low fat milk (250ml), two slices (50g) of bread with one boiled egg, cheese, ham, turkey, chicken with a tomato, green pepper or cucumber or light preserves. Snack: 150g fresh fruits or 200ml natural fruit juice.

Lunch: soup/cream or vegetable soup with two slices of bread, 150g of lean meat or 200g lean fish with 150g potatoes, rice, or pasta (three days per week) or boiled or grilled vegetables and a salad.

Snack: 150g fruits or a low fat yogurt

Dinner: 150g grilled chicken with sautéed vegetables, 200g polenta with cheese, and 1 fruit!

Best of luck

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