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Hello, I have the following problem: in the morning when I brush my teeth and I swallow even the smallest amount of tooth paste I get sick and feel nauseous and I believe the tooth paste causes nausea. I feel fine during the day, the nausea occurs only in the morning.

Hello! First, because tooth paste has its role in dental hygiene, accidents can happen as swallowing it. Because of its high density, when swalloed it may cause gastric discomfort. In the morning, the digestive track is more sensitive to external stimuli, and both food or non-food (such as tooth paste) can irritate it, creating discomfort. My recommendation for you is to brush your teeth after breakfast and avoid swallowing the tooth paste. Additionally, you should find a tooth paste that does not cause nausea (try a menthol flavored tooth paste, stay away from those containing propolis). If the nausea is so uncomfortable that no matter what type of tooth paste you use, and you have additional symptoms only in the morning such as {login} gastric burns, sower taste, please see a gastroenterologist for a consultation. Good night!

Thank you, I got it! I forgot to metion I am using Lacalut Aktiv, and as my gums are bleeding, my dentist I have been using it for about a year. I will try using a different tooth paste in the morning, and brush my teeth after breakfast (even though I was under the impression is not healthy to ingest the bacteria developed in the mouth over night).

Hello! Of course it is not healthy to brush our teeth in the morning after breakfast, but if the discomfort  you experience caused by the tooth paste is so severe, you should brush this way to alleviate some of the symptoms. Additionally, if you have been using the same tooth paste for the past year and the symptoms occured during this time, you should switch to a different tooth paste. There is a variety of tooth paste equally good at combating gum bleeding. If the symptoms persist, (and there is no gastric burning sensation or sauwer taste) you should visit your dentist for a consultation. Moderator Thank you, please come back soon!

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