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My name is Gabrielle, age 66, and I have osteoporosis diagnosed seven years ago. Could you recommend a diet suitable to this condition and a set of physical exercises – I have heard these have a beneficial effect on my health.

Thank you


Since you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis seven years ago when you were 59, most likely you have been having an allopathic treatment recommended by your medical specialist. You are asking a good question, as the allopathic treatment is enhanced not only by diet but also by physical exercises.

Regarding nutrition, given the health of your digestive system, we can only suggest several general directions, which you should follow at least three months by applying the nutritional principles.

For women over 66, the daily dose of calcium ranges between 1500 – 200mg, using supplements containing calcium and vitamin D3. Your diet should be rich in calcium, even though you are taking these supplements. Here is a list of foods and their calcium content as percentage per 100g. Among cereals, corn and wheat flour have a calcium content between 30 – 36%. Soy beans 15-20% depending on preparation mode, garlic 18%, parsley 18%, spinach 17%, broccoli 12%, potatoes 13%, cabbage 9%, dry beans 14%, and green beans 7%. Oranges, among citrus fruits, have the highest content of calcium. Sesame seeds 20% and almonds 27% are even richer in calcium. Fish meat has a high calcium percentage {login} (sardines 38%, salmon 21%, bass 19%, cod and trout 12%). Chicken meat has approximately 18% calcium, while pork meat has about 32%, while beef meat has about 48% calcium. By far, the most important sources of calcium are natural dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter milk). As you can see, rich sources of calcium range from dairy to vegetables, fruits, and meat. For people with osteoporosis, fish and cereal have the added benefit of a high concentration of vitamin D.

It is unanimously accepted that physical exercise is highly indicated for seniors with osteoporosis. To give you an adequate answer, additional information is needed, such as: have you exercised before age 30-35, how many children did you have, for how long have you been nursing your children, have you been exercising lately, what level of difficulty and how frequently each week.

Static exercises, aimed at strengthening your back muscles, lumbar area, and your lower feet, to increase the flexibility of your ankles, and correct the posture of your head and implicitly of your spine, performed under a trainer’s supervision, can significantly help spine and shoulder support. There are exercises which will improve the balance, reducing the risks of falling. It is recommended to start with 10-15 repetitions, 3-4 sets, 2-3 times per week. You will notice the effect immediately. The secret of feeling well resulting from physical exercise is perseverance.

HelpMeOutDoc moderator

Thank you Dr. Bologa. If Gabrielle has nothing else to add, I will close the question. Gabrielle, visit it soon! Team

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