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My name is Vince, I am 34 and exercise regularly (jog 5-6 times a week, 30min each). I had a time when I was tired, and blood tests turned out alright. Considering my intense physical activity, my family doctor recommended a vitamin complex to compensate the loss of minerals and vitamins. I took Vitamax for ten days and the effects were significant. After a while though, the fatigue returned, and to have the energy for sport and daily activities, I see no other choice but use those pills one a day or one every other day. I wanted to ask whether this practice has any negative side effects, or if you have any recommendation for a special diet to replace these vitamins. I emphasize I eat healthy, including fruits and vegetables daily, eating meat and sweets quite reasonably.

Thank you,


When exercising vigorously, it is important to have an optimal level of nutrients. Therefore, you should eat fruits and vegetables daily, as salads or juices. Additionally, eating proteins is essential, and it is recommend you eat chicken, turkey, fish, and read meat 2-3 times each week. You should also eat 2-4 eggs per week, in addition to daily use of milk and dairy with 1.5% fat. Nuts, seeds, almonds, olive oil should be part of your diet, and you should include whole bread, brown rice, and whole pasta.

Hydration is also an important role, both before and during your exercise. A minimum 2 liters of liquids daily can be achieved by drinking water, but also with tea and home-made natural juices.

Regarding the use of the vitamin {login} complex you mentioned, it contains ingredients that help our bodies function correctly, and support out bodies during physical stress. Consuquently, you can have a 2-3 month diets during spring and fall, when our bodies are more sensitive and body fatigue is pronounced, but refrain from turning these diets into a chronic treatment, and take the necessary nutrients from foods.

Given the normal results of your blood work and no indication of any other conditions, it is likely you feel tired because of some potential nutritional deficiencies. You should address these deficiencies with the prescribed diet, being careful to have a diverse menu and plenty of water. Furthermore, remember that 8 hours of sleep each night provide ample energy during the day.

Best of health!


Thank you, Doctor! I have one additional question: when would I use the recommended whole pasta? Morning or evening?

Regarding the whole pasta and other foods in the same category (brown rice, whole bread, whole cereals, etc), these have an important role in our diet as the main source of energy for our bodies.

When pasta is prepared correctly (no frying, heavy sauces, etc) and correctly mixed (tomato sauce, mushrooms, other vegetables, low fat meat), these can be used any time of day. However, dinner should be served 2-3 hours before going to bed.

Best of luck!

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