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Good evening, My name is Henry, and I read a lot about fiber in daily diet. Given my current problems with constipation, I would like to know the types of fiber out there and in what quantities they are found in foods, as well as what amount of fiber should I eat each day. Thank you!

Hello Henry,

Dietary fibers are substances found in food structure of some foods and which cannot be neither digested nor absorbed at the digestive track level. Consequently, they travel relatively intact through stomach, upper intestine, colon, and are finally eliminated. There are two types of fiber:

  • Soluble – because these fibers dissolve in water, they need a large quantity of water when consumed. These fibers make people go to the bathroom. Examples include:
  • Insoluble – because these fibers do not dissolve in water, they help the colon during its functioning and contribute to cleaning the colon. Examples include: whole wheat, whole oats, and some vegetables.

Typically, vegetables contain both types of fibers.

Daily fiber needs:

  • Men: 30g/day
  • Women: 21g/day

Amount of fiber in some foods:

  • Two slices of whole wheat bread: 4g
  • One slice of white bread: 0.6g
  • One cup of brown rice: 4g
  • One cup of boiled oat: 3g
  • One cup of cereal: 5g
  • ¼ cup dry beans: 3g
  • One cup corn flakes: 0.7g
  • One apple: 4g
  • One pear: 4g
  • 1 cup strawberries: 4g
  • One cup boiled sliced carrots: 4.5g
  • One sweet potato: 4g
  • One cup boiled cauliflower: 3g
  • 100g cabbage: 2.5g
  • 100g green salad: 1.3g
  • 100g tomatoes: 1.2g

Fibers should be added to your diet slowly to allow intestines to adapt; otherwise unpleasant reactions will occur such as bloating, flatulence, or cramps.

Thank you for using our site, and please come back soon!

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