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Daniel Tomas
Tehnology Writer

HEALTH / The daily deal : a neck massager at an unbeatable price
As of this week, helpmeoutDOC has begun offering a series of massively discounted health items for sale. Today it is time to introduce our readers…
July 28, 2016 | 0 comments

Gabriel Rosoga
Medical and Health Writer

BEAUTY & SKIN CARE / Bee venom serums work miracles on skin
Bee venom, when used in small dosis, proves to be a very effective natural medicine, with extremely beneficial impact on the human organism, with particular…
September 8, 2016 | 1 comment

Ion Gireada
Science Writer

HEALTH / Reasons why your brain hears a ringing
Brain activity in people affected by tinnitus is very different from what happens when sound is detected in brains of healthy people, new research uncovered.…
April 27, 2015 | 0 comments

Ionut Popescu
Health and lifestyle writer

HEALTH / Brits oblivious to obesity leading to cancer
British population largely unware of link between obesity and cancer, finds new survey conducted by the organization Cancer Research UK. According to the survey, 75%…
September 9, 2016 | 0 comments

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Dr. Rosoga is specialized in urology, and practices at "Prof Dr Th. Burghele" Clinical Hospital in Bucharest. He received his MD in 2008 from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" in Bucharest, and promotes healthy lifestyle activities both in his medical practice and online articles.
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Bee venom serums work miracles on skin

8 Sep, 2016 | Health, Lifestyle | 1 comment
Bee venom, when used in small dosis, proves to be a very effective natural medicine, with extremely beneficial impact on the human organism, with particular powerful anti inflammatory effects. In the United Kingdom , the cosmetics industry has longed focused on bee venum as  a key ingredient in many skin serums…

vitamin F sources

Explaining how Vitamin F is beneficial to our health

27 Jan, 2016 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
Vitamin F is also known as the antidermatitis vitamin, consisting of a mix of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are very easily oxidized in the presence of vitamin B6 and E. The two fatty acids (linolenic acid and arachidonic acid) are absorbed in the intestine when interacting with vitamin…


Healthy Food Keeps Your Mind Sharp

15 May, 2015 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
Not only that healthy food makes you fitter and physically healthier. The newest research show that healthy eating habits are associated with better neurological functions. The study recently concluded and conducted by a group of scientists shows that higher diet quality is associated with a reduced risk of cognitive decline.…


The New Shifts on Sex Attitude

8 May, 2015 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
Jean M. Twenge from San Diego State University has led a study on more than 33,000 adults born between 1972 and 2012 and concluded that major changes in approaching sexuality and sex life occur in the Millennial generation. Premarital Sex Although the Mellennials have an average 8 partners in their…

keepsake ultrasound

Parents are advised against keepsake ultrasound

24 Apr, 2015 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
Those parents-to-be who want to have the first close-up at the growing baby are advised to stay away from private clinics that offer ultrasound scans for keepsake image or videos. Several such clinics opened over the last decades, and offer ultrasound images, 3D images, or 3D videos dubbed “4D imaging.”…


Novel method of treating stroke shows positive results

20 Apr, 2015 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
Following removal of the clot causing a stroke, the use of standard medication improves the blood flow to the brain, and may result in better long term outcomes, new study found. Co-author of the study Dr. Demetrius Lopes, surgical director of the comprehensive stroke center at Rush University Medical Center…


Sharing beauty products poses dangeous health risks

7 Apr, 2015 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
 Women share beauty products and makeup brushes all the time, a practice that despite its harmless nature, it is not so. “Makeup brushes can cause viral and fungal infections,” explains dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah. “You never know what someone has or what bacteria are growing. I recommend never sharing makeup…


On US campuses, suicide is second highest cause of death

1 Apr, 2015 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
As many as six percent of undergraduate and four percent of graduate students have considered suicide seriously, according to American College Health Association. Suicide is a serious problem on college campuses in the United States, and has a reputation as a silent and very complex human behavioral problem. The rate…


Don’t start a diet because it’s trendy! Here’s why.

30 Mar, 2015 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
Balancing various areas of our life is increasingly difficult. Nutrition is no exception, as a trend of healthy nutrition frequently push us in opposite directions. What works for a person, does not work for the other. People talk about vegetarian or vegan diet, and contrast these against raw diet or…

Vitamine A

Vitamin A, a magic component of anti-wrinkle skincare products

28 Mar, 2015 | Health, Lifestyle | 0 comments
Browse quickly any skincare aisle and you will find rows of products showing anti-wrinkle formulas. Invariably, all these products contains retinoids — derivatives of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes and skin. Naturally found in liver, butter and eggs, and its precursor, beta-carotene, is in vegetables such…