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  • I have seen several doctors about the redness in my face, but the opinions were split. The information and advice I received at your site not only helped me understand the causes, but also ask for the correct treatment. Thank you, HelpMeOutDoc team!

    Marjorie - Ohio
  • As I was suffering with hemorrhoids, your team knew what diet to use, and as I following it strictly proved extremely useful. It is insufficient to take medication and use creams and potions – all these help, but do not solve the problem. What is needed is a rigorous diet, something I did not have before meeting you.

    Gabrielle - Ohio
  • Before meeting your experts, I read numerous blogs and forums filled with uneducated opinions. Now I realize the value of an advice from a nutrition expert.

    Anette - Texas
  • I wish to thank team for removing my fears and making me understand it is important what I eat.

    Belinda - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • I am certain removing some foods and drinks from my diet and replacing them with better choices, as you suggested, is the reason for my current feeling better both physically and emotionally.

    Dan - Bucharest
  • Knowing what  to feed a 3-4 year old baby is not easy, given all the toxins in our food today. helped me make better decisions, and choose between a „nicely wrapped” item and something that is indeed beneficial for my child.

    Marie - Kentucky
  • Juan

    I was constantly feeling bloated and I was even throwing up after a quick meal on the run. As I followed your advice, I have learned to pay attention to what I eat and avoid foods my body disagrees with. Thanks again!


"What are early symptoms of depression?"
"How does work-related stress affect my sexual drive?"
"Is my sleep disorder caused by or related to another condition?"
"What can my partner and I do to improve our chances of conceiving?"
"What are relevant signs I need to lose some weight?"
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